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Affiliate Highlight - Spotlight on Sinclair Community College
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NEW!!! 3/29/16

Milford High School students create prosthetic arm for girl.



NEW!!! 1/19/16

POE Presentations from Fall Conference 2015:

- Middle School Transitions

- Surviving Robot C


ODE Apprenticeship Presentation from Fall Conference

Hilliard Davidson High School girls engineering class on PLTW national website to promote Introduce a Girl to
Engineering Day
North Union Middle School Teacher Named VEX Teacher of the Year!
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How One Ohio School Makes Engineers
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Chaminade Julienne dedicates
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Kelly Woodruff adds 'a lot of spirit' to Northwestern High School
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Kettering Fairmont wins State Real World Design Challenge for third year in a row
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Bridging the Engineering Gender Gap:
Schools work to introduce more girls to engineering
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PLTW National changes to Program Implementation and Ohio's response
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The Change to Vex Equipment from an Industry Perspective
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About Project Lead The Way Ohio

Centerville PLTW students demonstrate workcell for Ohio's PLTW state leader, Kathy Sommers
Teachers at Summer Training Institute choose parts for building project

Project Lead the Way is a nationwide non-profit organization dedicated to increasing the quality and quantity of science and technology graduates in the United States. provides Ohio educators and counselors with local information about PLTW activity, keeps you informed about professional development opportunities, and provides a networking tool to link you with other Ohio educators and counselors in the PLTW network.

We hope that this website provides you with the resources you need to improve and grow as a Project Lead the Way educator.

If you are not currently an Ohio PLTW educator, please visit for further information on Project Lead the Way.

PLTW Ohio is housed at the PLTW Ohio Affiliate office at Sinclair Community College in downtown Dayton, Ohio.  The Ohio affiliate took over local operation of the Ohio programs in February of 2004, when there were only 13 programs in existence in the state.  Numbers have gone up exponentially since then, with more schools coming on board every day.  Ohio has more than 343 registered programs in pre-engineering, biomedical sciences, middle school level, and elementary school level.

Teachers from all over the state and from at least nineteen other states have taken training here at Sinclair’s Summer Training Institute, which has grown from offering just 2 classes which trained 25 teachers in the summer of 2004 to offering 22 sections of 16 different classes in 2014,  training a total of 330 teachers in pre-engineering, biomedical sciences, gateway to technology and launch lead teacher courses.  

The PLTWO operation consists of the State Affiliate, the Ohio Department of Education, and PLTW National.  Information about where to call about various questions as well as tips for new programs just implementing PLTW courses are available elsewhere on this website. 

Project Lead the Way currently offers three strands at the High School level, Pre-Engineering, Biomedical Science, and a new strand of Computer Science.  Pre-engineering is well-established in Ohio, and Biomedical is growing quickly.  In addition to the three strands, a fourth “strand” is Gateway to Technology (GTT) for middle school students in grades 6-8.  GTT offers middle schools a series of ten modules focused on increasing enrollment in high school PLTW pre-engineering, biomedical sciences, and computer science programs by helping younger students gain an understanding of STEM careers. There also is a fifth "strand" for elementary school students (K-5), Launch. They learn to apply STEM knowledge and become critical thinkers and problem solvers.

College Credit

Once a high school in the PLTW Network of Schools is certified, students are eligible to apply for transcripted college credit or other forms of recognition at over twenty national affiliate colleges and universities

In general, students in certified schools who earn a “B” average or higher in their PLTW courses and score 70 percent or higher on the PLTW college credit exam are eligible to apply for college credit or recognition, depending on the requirements of the affiliates. 

Graduate Expectations
PLTW’s graduates are expected to:

  • Understand technology as a tool for problem solving
  • Have a broad-based understanding of the underlying methodology of science processes
  • Be well prepared for the rigorous college curriculum
  • Understand, apply, analyze and design technological systems
  • Select an appropriate technology system for
    a task and apply it
  • Understand the principles of mathematics
  • Demonstrate effective communication of information and solutions
  • Possess the skills necessary to work in
    teams effectively