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Affiliate Highlight - Spotlight on Sinclair Community College
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NEW!!! 3/29/16

Milford High School students create prosthetic arm for girl.



NEW!!! 1/19/16

POE Presentations from Fall Conference 2015:

- Middle School Transitions

- Surviving Robot C


ODE Apprenticeship Presentation from Fall Conference

Hilliard Davidson High School girls engineering class on PLTW national website to promote Introduce a Girl to
Engineering Day
North Union Middle School Teacher Named VEX Teacher of the Year!
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Bridging the Engineering Gender Gap:
Schools work to introduce more girls to engineering
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PLTW National changes to Program Implementation and Ohio's response
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The Change to Vex Equipment from an Industry Perspective
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The Change to Vex Equipment from an Industry Perspective

Overall, I am pleased that PLTW is moving away from the Labview-based Lego Mindstorms equipment and towards a C-based programming system as this is more representative of 'real-world' programming (at least as seen in electronic product development - people on the factory floor and machine builders primarily use 'Ladder diagram' PLCs when programming machines).A C-based programming system should allow the students to build more powerful and complex systems - and will also 'help' them learn about debugging.

The really neat part about this is that by having the Inventor models for the components already done, it will be easy for students to 'build' their robot/machine in inventor and simulate the mechanics to make sure they work properly, then actually build and program the machine.

Don Divelbiss