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Teacher Certification

Engineering Technologies-Emerging
EMIS Course Code PLTW Course   ODE Course
175015 GTT- Gateway to Technology   Pre-Engineering
175001 IED- Introduction to Engineering Design    Engineering  Design
175002 POE- Principles of Engineering    Engineering  Principles
177013 AE- Aerospace Engineering    Aviation
176010 CIM- Computer Integrated Manufacturing    Principles of Manufacturing
175007 DE- Digital Electronics   Digital Electronics
175009 EDD- Engineering Design and Development   Capstone (Engineering)
178020 CEA- Civil Engineering & Architecture   Architecture Design- Structural 

Course Description  
A flexible sequence of courses which  when combined with college preparatory mathematics and science courses introduces students to the scope, rigor, and discipline of engineering and engineering technology.  The curriculum includes, but is not limited to Introduction to Engineering Design, Principles of Engineering, Digital Electronics, Computer Integrated Manufacturing, Engineering Design and Development, Civil Engineering and Architecture, Aerospace Engineering, and includes futuring technology (e.g. fuel cell,  nanofabrication and material science).    
  Teacher Certification/Licensure
110000  HS Mathematics
110094  AD Integrated Math
130301  HS Chemistry
130302  HS Physics
132010  AD Integrated Science
132020  AD Physical Science (Physics/Chemistry)
132150  AD Physical Science (Chemistry)
132160  AD Physical Science (Physics)
32035    AD Life Sciences (Physics)
132036  AD Life Sciences (Chemistry)
132045  AD Earth Science (Physics)
132046  AD Earth Science (Chemistry)
100005  Industrial Arts
101315  Industrial Technology
101320  Industrial Technology
102000  Industrial Arts
160610  Technology Education
171002   VO/CT   Electrical Trades
171012   VO/CT   Industrial Maintenance &  Repair
171300   VO/CT   Drafting Occup.
171503   VO/CT   Electronics
171801   VO/CT   Eng. Technology
171802   VO/CT   Manufacturing Technology
171807   CT Eng. Design
171808   CT Eng.Processes
171809   CT Eng. Product
172302    VO/CT   Precision Mach.
172307    VO/CT   Tool & Die
Teachers must have a minimum of Baccalaureate degree, hold one of the above cited cert/licenses, successfully complete the PLTW Teacher pre-assessment and complete all related PLTW course work specific to the course they will be teaching

Biomedical Science

EMIS course code





PLTW Course

Principles of Biomedical Science (PBS)

Human Body Systems (HBS)

Medical Interventions (MI)

Biomedical Interventions (BI)


ODE Course

Principles Practices Biomedical Technology

Human Anatomy and Physiology

Genetics of Disease

Biotechnology for Health and Disease

Course Description  
Biomedical Science consists of a minimum of four courses that combine rigorous academics with the knowledge and skills to prepare students for diverse long-term careers in health care, research, specialized laboratory work, education, and management in the biomedical field.    

Teacher Certification/Licensure
The following teaching certificates/licenses are valid for teaching PLTW Biomedical Science with no additional career technical license.  However, the teacher must successfully complete the required PLTW training specific to each course taught:

AD 132010 Integrated Science
AD 132030 Life Science
AD 132036 Life Science/Chemistry
CH 130205 Biological Science
HS 130000 Comprehensive Science
HS 130200  Biological Science
CH 130312 Chemistry
HS 130301 Chemistry

The following career technical teaching certificates/licenses are valid for teaching PLTW Biomedical Science however, the individual must hold a Bachelor’s degree in the content area, science, or a related field and successfully complete the required PLTW training specific to each course taught:

VO/CT 070203 Medical Laboratory Assisting
VO/CT 172000 Chemical laboratory Assisting
VO/CT 079950 LPN Coordinator
VO/CT 070302 LPN
VO/CT 070410 Athletic Trainer Assisting
VO/CT 070912 Pharmacy Assisting
CT 074850 Biotechnology